Friday, 18 February 2011

I was meant to post this.

Looking through my older posts, I noticed I promised to show a video from my friend Mossky. here it is

What can you run SL on ?

Couple of snapshots from my Acer Aspire One netbook. Tech specs are 1.6 ghz atom processor, 1 gb of ram and Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics.
Logging in:

At my home location with the UI in view. Note the integrated chat bar for local chat & the contacts/groups window.


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

What happened ?

Wow February. That came fast. I never even noticed January slipping away.
hmmmm...*hmmms a bit louder*
Even though I'm not logging in so much I have still been testing various viewers. On the 1.2x series Phoenix and Cool VL are just great with backporting of features.
V2 still mostly using Kirstens, the official 2.5 viewer is pretty usable now with Starlight skin from Hitomi and now..finally, a pre-alpha build of Phoenix Firestorm is available.

Biggest feature in this is the local chat can now be integrated and docked with the other IM windows as available in V1 viewers. Which is absolutely awesome and a feature I've asked for inclusion from V2 developers since the outset. (hey, I know it wasn't because of listening to me, but still great to see it) 
Things to add to Firestorm to make it my V2 viewer of choice ? Distance in the near me field,then it can be a proper radar replacement. know what ? This pre-alpha is better than the original V2,official build in my eyes. Starlight comes with it but has some minor issues that need sorting out I think. It has the near-me range of avatars but seems to not work properly and has a similar issue right now in Kirstens. 
Other groovy things in Firestorm are a rather nice couple of skins, choice for sidebar to be on or off, all panels can be undocked,resized and closed without re docking,plus the position of windows and floaters is remembered on a relog. I think in the next few days I'll be doing a proper review with video and screenshots (hah,believe it when you see it  :P )

As usual, *huggs*