Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween Weekend

When did Halloween turn from a 1 night activity to a full week party ?
Maybe I missed the announcement,but something that's fun for a few hours becomes a bit irritating when so many clubs put up ghosts, spiders,cobwebs and "spooky" sounds to contribute to a fun filled lag fest.
Having said that, some of the theme designs are really quite spectacular (although one club I went to with giant spiders running around, seriously freaked me out)

One place I managed to get to was the Phoenix teams Halloween party (yes, of the Phoenix Viewer) and that was totally amazing. I wasn't able to stay long because it was so laden with eye popping effects, avatars wearing spectacular costumes and particle poofers etc, I was constantly crashing. I did manage to get some good video shots in between though so expect a new video up soon. Jessica Lyons costume in particular was noteworthy, being a complete Phoenix outfit with fire. Spectacular.
I also discovered a rather nice outfit from KK designs that I'd completely forgotten about while doing some inventory cleaning earlier in the day.
Not sure how many notecards you need but I managed to clear about 600 in total, combined with deleting a load of newbie stuff, old demos and stuff I decided was dodgy (I don't know where it came from Guv, honest!) I managed to save around 1k in an hour or so.
In RL, Halloween was distinctly unimpressive. We had 3 knocks on the door. Very peaceful :)

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