Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Did you miss me ? While I was away, did you hang my picture on you're wall ?
Well, old songs notwithstanding I bet you didn't realise :)
I was able to log in every day or so, for a few minutes at a time with the intention of clearing notices and to avoid IM's getting capped.
Now,although I'm rarely online long enough to do my sl job as I'd like to I am able to catch up with friends a little.
It's actually been great following some of the forums more,LL's own and offworld forums, I've met some nice people and had some nice conversations as a direct result of that.
Over the holiday I hope to update this a little more regularly. A friend of mine has done a rather nice video, I'll link to that very soon.
As usual *huggs*


Thursday, 9 December 2010


Well RL has finally put a great big block on SL for the time being. 
Sometimes it can be the suckiest thing ever,  but RL always comes first doesn't it ? 
Apparently people do read this, came as a total shock to me, and no, this isn't a permanent thing. But it is something I don't have an option about at this moment in time.
I'll just sum it up by saying RL is "not good" right now. and that is where my focus needs to be.
To all my friends; I'll miss you. I will be back. I promise. Just not sure when.
Big *huggs* to everyone.
Mondy <3

Monday, 6 December 2010

Rare SL

For about two weeks now, I've been finding the need or urge to log in considerably lacking. Work in SL has started to feel like work in RL. That I'm only doing it to pay my tier rather than for an fun. A complete dearth of tips isn't helping but it's more than that.
There used to be a time I would wake up and SL would be the first thing I thought of. Not healthy I know, but there we are. Log in, catch up, go play. Work was play. Now I don't even have the enthusiasm to log in on my alt.
I love exploring, and it makes me sad to see sims disappear, long standing sims even that were featured in the destination guides, that everyone visits at least once. I came across the Nemo sim a couple of months ago and took my partner there. We loved it. Only found out in the forums recently that it had gone. And; I don't know. Perhaps it feels right now that SL is long past it's glory days and is slowly winding down.
I really hope not. I have good friends and when I see them it's great. 
Eileen is a great joy in SL. I miss her so much when she's not around and I'm sure she feels the same.
What's funny is, I spoke about this to an old friend yesterday and she said to me "I wondered when you would feel like that". No surprise to her, so perhaps this is something all residents go through. Maybe I've even gone through it before and conveniently forgotten. I've been here almost 4 years !
I hope I shake this off soon.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Flight over Mesh City

New pictures added to FLickr.
I'm sure Mesh will be important to the future of SL.
Once it goes mainstream it will be huge, for builders, fashion designers and everyone.Hope you enjoy the pictures. (Use the Flickr gadget on the left hand side of the page to get to the full set)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Wonderful video

I saw this today on the SL forums and it was just amazing. Take a look at this girls work, very inspiring.

Петро́вский флюс (a Petrovsky flux) from Toxic Menges on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Phoenix halloween party

Yay ! I managed to get it done. Had to audioswap the music because of a copyright notice, but still on theme so all cool :)

Watch here or over on YouTube for the HD version and my channel.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween Weekend

When did Halloween turn from a 1 night activity to a full week party ?
Maybe I missed the announcement,but something that's fun for a few hours becomes a bit irritating when so many clubs put up ghosts, spiders,cobwebs and "spooky" sounds to contribute to a fun filled lag fest.
Having said that, some of the theme designs are really quite spectacular (although one club I went to with giant spiders running around, seriously freaked me out)

One place I managed to get to was the Phoenix teams Halloween party (yes, of the Phoenix Viewer) and that was totally amazing. I wasn't able to stay long because it was so laden with eye popping effects, avatars wearing spectacular costumes and particle poofers etc, I was constantly crashing. I did manage to get some good video shots in between though so expect a new video up soon. Jessica Lyons costume in particular was noteworthy, being a complete Phoenix outfit with fire. Spectacular.
I also discovered a rather nice outfit from KK designs that I'd completely forgotten about while doing some inventory cleaning earlier in the day.
Not sure how many notecards you need but I managed to clear about 600 in total, combined with deleting a load of newbie stuff, old demos and stuff I decided was dodgy (I don't know where it came from Guv, honest!) I managed to save around 1k in an hour or so.
In RL, Halloween was distinctly unimpressive. We had 3 knocks on the door. Very peaceful :)

Friday, 29 October 2010

Looked at Mesh on the beta grid using Kirstens viewer 21(1) Test build

Halloween at Touch of Pleasure

"I has a Blog"

To quote someone else "I has a blog"
I've had blogs before under different aliases, but never kept them up.
I figured it was time to keep my SL goings on and YouTube videos etc in one place.
I'll also hopefully get my Flikr stuff integrated as well, and perhaps link to my Facebook.
Oh all these grandiose plans.
Let's see how they pan out